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Current research of Michal Jenek

Michal Jenek is a first year graduate student working on the regulation of replication of HCV RNA with short modified oligonucleotides. He has focused his research on fragment X which is placed in the 3'-UTR of genomic HCV RNA. It is a 94-nucleotide fragment and one of the most highly evolutionarily conserved regions in the HCV genome, crucial in the replication of HCV. He began his research with the determination of the secondary structure of X fragment using isoenergetic microarray mapping. Based on the microarray mapping data, he was able to select three regions in the X fragment which showed the strongest binding. Michal Jenek synthesized six LNA modified 9-mers and 11-mers based on mapping results. Using native gel electrophoresis he measured kinetics of binding of these six oligonucleotides to X-fragment of HCV and complementary oligoribonucleotides to evaluate probe binding behavior in solution. At this moment he began HCV replication assays in Huh-7 cell lines. Michal will use HCV replicon construct pFK-I 389/FfL-luc/NS3-3/wt (received from professor Ralf Bartenschlager) infected into Huh-7 cell lines.

MS degree (2004) Biotechnology, University of Life Sciences, Department of Agronomy, Poznan, Poland