Current Research
Ryszard Kierzek
Ewa Biala
Agata Fratczak
Michal Jenek
Anna Marciniak
Dorota Wojciechowska
The members of the Laboratory of RNA Chemistry are:

Ryszard Kierzek, PhD head of Laboratory of RNA Chemistry
Ewa Biała, PhD research associate
Agata Frątczak, MS graduate student
Michał Jenek, MS graduate student
Anna Marciniak, MS graduate student
Dorota Wojciechowska, MS graduate student
Jadwiga Wencek undergraduate student
Mikołaj Pyziak undergraduate student

Most Important Scientific Achievements of the Laboratory of RNA Chemistry
  • Studies on nonenzynmatic autohydrolysis of oligoribonucleotides
  • Contribution in developing the synthesis of RNA oligonucleotides by phosphoramidite approach on solid support
  • Contribution in developing the thermodynamic basis of RNA folding and prediction of RNA secondary structure
  • Contribution in studies of RNA structure by thermodynamic, NMR and crystallographic approaches,
  • Studies on developing the thermodynamic basis for the construction of isoenergetic microarrays
  • Determination of the nearest neighbor thermodynamic parameters for 2'-O-methylRNA/RNA and chimeric LNA-2'-O-methylRNA/RNA duplexes
  • Chemical synthesis of a library of 853 isoenergetic pentanucleotide probes (from 1024 possible sequences)
  • Developing new types of oligonucleotide microarray (e.g. isoenergetic microarray)
  • Developing a new method to study the structure and interactions of RNA with isoenergetic microarrays (microarray mapping)
  • Evaluation of the Publications of all Members of Laboratory of RNA
    (on August 26, 2008)

    Number of publications according to ISI Web of Sciences (1973 - present): 103
    Publications not included in ISI records: 21
    Total number of citations: 4866
    H-index: 37